SALE – 40% off all existing stock 

Games Workshop has arrived at The Crafty Cow!!!

We are excited to announce the arrival of Games Workshop products in the shop.

We are now a stockist for:

40K-Logo-300x71        Citadel-Paint-Logo_Left-300x164         TN397_-WHAS_Logo-copy-2-300x83


We have a good selection of all editions, from starter sets to more advanced.  These are all fantastic sets to get you involved in this great gaming experience.  They are also great for a gift for birthdays or Christmas, hours of entertainment!

In addition to the box sets we hold a range of accessories such as paint, spray , brushes, dice, glue and magazines.

Why not come in and take a look, if we haven’t got something or you want something particular we can always order any of the products in for you.  






Chaos-Space-Marine-193x300                     Space-Marine-194x300          Tau-Warrior-144x300        Space-Marine-V2-161x300       Ork-284x300